Gratitude as a Mental Model

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Over the last two weeks, I have been in Bali on a fast.   I’m about to complete it feeling better than ever.    Gratitude got me through hunger, pains, cramps, toxins, caffeine withdrawals, and to a place, I have even more gratitude for the human body.

Recently, I separated from my wife and moved out from my family.  A tough thing for a self-proclaimed family man and repeat winner of the “Dad of the Year” with my kids.   My kids are already showing resilence, yet I know it is tough on them, tougher on me.  So as I searched for a new routine, new mental models, and new habits to improve my overall outputs and keep busy not thinking about what I don’t have and continue to push towards an attitude of gratitude and appreciation for all that I do have.  I discovered this idea of mental models.   Now I am well versed in spiral dynamics and neuro-linguistic programming, yet mental models enable us to solve problems and handle situations.  So I needed a tough mental model to handle what I am going through and make the best of it.

Farnam Street wrote a book on mental models and you can begin an incredible learning journey on mental models here,    As Farnam Street has done a great job of breaking down the latticework of existing mental models, I decided to depart from their work and create a new mental model that integrates all other mental models.   I think gratitude is a mental model you can lay on top of all other mental models.

I still have a great relationship with my ex-wife and my two kids.   I live in the same city and will see them often.   I have freed myself from some baggage that I was holding onto and I feel lighter.    I see more clearly how I can impact the world.    I am excited about how gratitude has created a new future and appreciation for things I often take for granted.

So to be congruent with a brand I am creating, Namaste Republic.   I am living into being my best self and a future with peace, love, and gratitude.   I am reminded every day as my wardrobe slowly shifts to all Namaste Republic.  The power of the brand to keep me focused on creating new things that make me happy and focused on me just being happy has been amazing for both me and my business partner Russ.    So I am glad I have taken the plunge into creating Namaste Republic as a self-fulfilling prophecy.   A company that shines happiness on our customers, which we call “family and friends.”    So welcome to the family and start enjoying the benefits of gratitude and Namaste Republic.

With Valentines Day coming up in less than a month, I wanted to share some LOVE with you.  As “LOVE” will get you 25% off at the checkout.   Share the LOVE and GRATITUDE.    Thank you for listening and I hope you find your best you.

Love, Aaron, Russ, & Bali.

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